Fleet Tracking with Traccar and Thingsboard

In order to connect a Traccar Mobile Application to Thingsboard, you will have to transform the message sent by the mobile app to match Thingsboard standard.

The method is pretty simple to do. We used NodeJS to create a gateway connector. It receives a device message, transform it, and pass it to Thingsboard.

Setup NodeJS gateway

git clone
cd tb-traccar-connector/
npm install
cp .env.example .env

Edit .env file:

#gateway port

#thingsboard base url

Then start server:

node server.js

Create Thingsboard device and read its access token

Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 12.57.40.png

Install and Configure Traccar client on your mobile device

  • Device Identifier => Thingsboard access token as above.
  • Server URL => your NodeJS Gateway (http://gateway:8081).



For more details about the code and issues, please check out our github repository.

Custom gateway and connectors

In need of connecting legacy devices or interconnect system to the cloud?

Feel free to contact us.

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