AWS IOT vs Thingsboard IOT Platforms

AWS IoT and ThingsBoard are both popular platforms for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, but they have some differences in terms of features, pricing, and user satisfaction.

Features and Capabilities

  • AWS IoT provides robust and scalable IoT services, including device management, secure communication, data collection, and analytics. It offers features like device provisioning, device connectivity, rules engine for data processing, and integration with other AWS services.
  • ThingsBoard is an open-source IoT platform that allows users to connect and manage IoT devices, collect and store data, and visualize and analyze device telemetry. It supports various IoT protocols and offers functionalities such as device management, rule-based processing, data visualization, and integration with third-party systems.


  • AWS IoT offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model, where users pay for the messages exchanged between devices and the AWS IoT Core service. The pricing structure also includes additional charges for features like device management, data transfer, and analytics. Due to complex tariff model, it can difficult to forcast overall costs.
  • ThingsBoard offers a free and open-source community edition that users can self-host on their own servers. Additionally, ThingsBoard offers an enterprise edition with advanced features and support, which follows a subscription-based pricing model. Due to its clear tariff model, Thingsboard has an advantage as it become easier to forcast overall costs.

User Satisfaction

  • AWS IoT is a widely used and well-established IoT platform, offering extensive documentation, support, and a highly reliable infrastructure. It has a large user base, including enterprise customers, and benefits from the broader AWS ecosystem.
  • ThingsBoard has gained popularity as an open-source IoT platform with a strong community of users and contributors. It provides flexibility, customization options, and the ability to host the platform on-premises or on cloud infrastructure.

It is essential to consider specific project requirements, budget, scalability needs, and support preferences when evaluating and choosing between AWS IoT and ThingsBoard for an IoT deployment.

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