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Register for free Thingsboard Tenant Account. Reserved to Vietnamese resident only.

For testing only

Free account is for demo, testing, learning purpose only. Do not use for real case application.


Limited offer to first 100 registered.

Your account will be limited to:

  • 5 devices
  • 5 assets
  • 5 customers
  • 1000 messages per minute
  • 1 000 000 datapoints per month
  • 30 email per month (if you use internal system SMTP)
  • Account will automatically expire after 1 year.


If you need support, please join Thingsboard Facebook group

Data retention

Your data will be kept 1month. Older data will be deleted automatically.

Suspicious activity

ACTE Technology reserves rights to suspend your account for any suspicious activities

Account with connections outside Vietnam will be deleted without warning