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  • Contacts and organisations
  • Leads and opportunities
  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Product and Services

Grow your sales with a CRM!

A CRM system is a tool used to manage customer relationships and interactions. To make it easier to understand, a CRM stores customer’s data and indicates your work progression with each of these customers. Henceforth, the data could easily be accessible from any device at any time. A CRM allows any employee to work from anywhere. It prevents the company from losing customers’ precious information and makes sure that all the employees are working off the same information.

A CRM is also used as a Sales and Marketing tool. It helps follow marketing campaigns, create quotes and generate invoices. It saves your time and avoids unprofessional situations like sending twice the same email to a customer.

Simplified Sales process using a CRM system 

  1. Prospecting: Gather all the potential customers across the channels in one place and create a customer profile.
  2. Approaching: Classify customers and choose the right tool to approach each category. A CRM includes an emailing tool which could be used to send emails directly from the platform.
  3. Assessing/Presenting: Listen to customers' problems and needs to give out the best presentation based on the information collected. Save all the information of products and customers in one place
  4. Closing/handling objections: Close the sales by generating quotes and invoices or classify the objections for better understanding of customers.
  5. Following-up: Use sales history and customer portal to make strategic decisions and follow-up.

What are you waiting for? Build a great customer experience now with a CRM.