• Open-source software
  • 100% data ownership
  • User privacy protection
  • User-centric insights
  • Customisable and extensible
  • Easy to use
  • No data limits

Use information smartly!

Today, a website usually is a first touch point where a potential customer comes in contact with your brand. Therefore it is really important to give your customer the best user-experience possible in order to keep their attention. Web analytics is a powerful tool used to provide us with meaningful information about how your website is doing and what your customers think about it.  Any leader, manager can make use of web analytics to gain useful information and find hidden patterns (consumer behaviors, team performance…) to help them make fact-based decisions. The system gives you the ability to identify problems and make improvements.  Any business in any field where vast amounts of data are collected can apply web analytics in order to describe, predict and improve the performance of their website. With web analytics you can gain valuable information on:

  • Which keywords are the big drivers to your site?
  • How long people stay on your website and how they behave.
  • Which communication channel is working best for your business; so you can focus on this one.
  • How your website is operating and if it needs improvement?

ACTE Technology is working with Matomo Analytics to give you an open-source analytics use by individuals, companies and governments all over the world. With Matomo, your data will always be yours.

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