Connected Devices

ACTE Technology has the expertise and technology to provide valuable insights, analytics, and efficient systems for your project, regardless of its scope. Discover how our connected devices can revolutionize your operations.

As your business moves forward, your ability to adapt the technologies that keep it running should too. ACTE Technology offers a wide range of services to make sure your energy works smarter.

Make your power go further with connected devices

By utilizing interconnected technologies attached to your devices (also known as the internet of things), you can cut your bills and follow along with changes as they happen in real time. From cooling and heating to humidity controls to water usage monitoring, ACTE Technology builds and adapts solutions based on your requirements — not the other way around. 

Our team of specialists on the ground in Vietnam bring the expertise needed to take your business into the future while reducing consumption. We integrate our systems into your existing devices; that way, you don’t need to worry about starting from scratch and investing huge sums into new infrastructure. 

We offer:

  • Smart metering services
  • Smart energy consulting
  • Smart farming solutions
  • Fleet tracking
  • Data visualization and collection
  • Ongoing reports and progress metrics
  • Cloud and on-premise deployment

No matter the size of the project, ACTE Technology can provide you with the insights, analytics, and systems to save money and work more efficiently.

Energy management to match your unique needs

We take the time to learn about your business, its energy consumption and current technology infrastructure, then create an individualized plan of action

Whether you’re implementing a new ESG initiative, looking to save on bills, or seeking to sustainably expand your business, our operations focus on transparency and flexibility as a way to fit projects of all scales.

Connected devices are seeing an uptake across industries.  Common uses today include smart homes and cities, wind and solar production monitoring, and up-to-the-minute vessel tracking for global logistics.

For your business—no matter the size—the benefits of smart monitoring and connected devices backed by the internet of things include:

  • App-based monitoring that can help cut back human error 
  • Analytics and insights at your fingertips through to help you understand exactly where your costs lie
  • Rapid adaptation of heating, cooling, and humidity to atmospheric conditions
  • The ability to coordinate and adjust your power consumption strategy on-the-go

On average, clients see at least 10-15% in savings through efficiency.

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