Photography website made easy

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Fri Mar 02 2018

Romain Garrigue, a professional photographer came to us recently about his struggle finding the right platform to display his artwork. He shared that a website is not always easy to manage, especially when you don't know much about it. Understanding the need of our customer, ACTE Technology designed a very simple backend to manage photography series.

To create a new collection, the only thing Romain Garrigue has to do is to login, fill the form and click on CREATE.

  • Can you do the same for my business? We will develop our plugins to all your specific requirements.
  • Who manages the menu and other elements then? They can be generated automatically by the plugin.
  • How come it's so simple and versatile at the same time? Well, we make it simple for the end user, but for us, it's another story. We have experience and use the best tools for your project.

"With ACTE Technology development, I manage to import all my photos in a very short time. All went smooth, I did not need to learn a new system, just fill the form and click on create. I only concentrate on my photos as design and menus are generated automatically." - Romain Garrigue.

Managing your website is no longer difficult. Please feel free to go and have a look at Romain GARRIGUE's website.