Realtime financial reporting for F&B

dashboard grafana
Wed Nov 02 2022

The problem: Heavy recurrent accounting workload

Limitless108, a F&B company who is well known in Ho Chi Minh city for Oliver's Pizza and Luu Bar, needed to reduce their accounting workload.

Owning multiple bars and restaurants, resulted necessarily in having an intensive recurrent daily workload, to gather data, estimate profit, costing, calculate sales, expenses, cashflow and so on...

Realtime dashboard solution

POS integration

Our customer was pretty happy with the Point Of Sales (POS) they had in place, so we decided to keep it as it was. This decision also reduced considerably overall project costs.

In order to extract all needed data, we developed a program which run on regular basis, on each store, to automatically update the new reporting database.

Expense manual entries

Expenses can hardly be automated, they are filled manually by the purchase team on a custom administration software. Staff members have limited access based on role and permissions (manager, waiter, accounting).

Reporting realtime dashboard

Having all data sorted out into a clean database, we chose Grafana for its cool dark mode design, but also to allow flexibility in dashboard creation. Again, choosing Grafana over a custom made reporting system reduced overall project costs and maintenance.


Customer can now visualize data in realtime and save hours of repetitive work. He can also detect financial anomalies quickly and act accordingly. Best sellers, best customers, best product categories, largest expenses are now spotted instantly. The overall system has been designed to allow additionnal stores with minimal development work.