Energy Monitoring at QLM Label maker factory

dashboard energy monitoring thingsboard
Thu Jan 25 2024

Understand your building

To understand energy consumption in its new factory, QLM Label Maker contacted us to install smart meters in main production areas. This is the first step to ESG compliance and energy savings.

Data provider by digitalization

ACTE Technology acts as a data provider, data are continuously collected and delivered to QLM Energy team who take over for a complete process analysis. QLM Energy team has access to a relatime dashboard in order to understand the facility behaviour.

Set a target and be notified

A monthly target is set per zone, the technical team will be notified via mobile app and email if target is reached. Energy team can then take action without delay to the spotted area, this will allow instant energy saving.

IT Security

With a constant rise of IOT cyber-attack, ACTE Technology always enforce system protection, all data communications from site to cloud is encrypted and protected by a firewall. The monitoring and production process network are also segregated for increased security.