Private catalogue application

nodejs reactjs redux web wintercms
Fri May 15 2020

Woodnet, a furniture manufacturer, needed a private application for its sales team, in order to present hundreds of products, large amounts of images and videos. Below are application key points:

  • Sales process improvement.
  • Offline capabilities when in poor internet places like exhibition centers.
  • Fast and reliable using the latest web technologies.
  • Private video server.
  • Customer sharing access.
  • Great design by our partner Thirty Dirty Fingers.
  • Easy content, products and user access management.

The complexity of offline mode, private videos, shareable links and user access control, forced us to use different technologies:

  • Front-end made with ReactJS/Redux. 
  • Back office and API made with OctoberCMS. 
  • Private video server with NodeJS.