Orlar Smart Farming

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Wed Jan 12 2022

Australian Agritech in Vietnam

Orlar is an Australian Agritech start-up present in Vietnam. They grow lots of different species of fruits, flowers and vegetables. They make use of a vertical farming method combined with a soil made of certified rock. The crops are 100% Organic, use very little energy, and are available for sale in most markets in Vietnam. Orlar is also employing people locally and has a strong policy on choosing farm locations.

Along with all their great products, ACTE team has a special preference on Orlar's salad, bok choy, and strawberries.

Not just a farm

Orlar is using the best of IOT and biotechnology to become extremely performant in terms of food quality and energy efficiency

With the help of connected devices and digital solutions implemented by ACTE Technology, the entire ecosystem is managed at its best. Organic fertilizer, organic protections, water usage, wastage, electricity, production; all key points to environment sustainability are under control.