Industrial CO2 Controller

automation controls monitoring plc schneider thingsboard
Mon Apr 22 2024

ACTE Technology has successfully designed and implemented an Industrial CO2 Controller for one of our esteemed customers in the Ho Chi Minh City area. Recognizing the potential dangers of high levels of carbon dioxide to human beings, it was crucial to develop an effective and reliable control system.

In order to accomplish this, ACTE Technology opted for a Schneider PLC to oversee the regulation of CO2 injection valves, fans, and audible alarms. The entire control cabinet is conveniently operated remotely through our IoT platform Thingsboard using the Modbus and MQTTS protocols. Operators have the ability to easily adjust setpoints, create schedules, and carry out manual actions as needed.

To further enhance the functionality, we have provided the customer with a comprehensive reporting dashboard to continuously monitor and maintain CO2 levels at the desired setpoints. Whenever there is an operational issue, both local and mobile app notifications are instantly triggered to promptly address any concerns.

Moreover, our Industrial CO2 Controller has the potential for future expansions, allowing for the integration of third-party sensors and actuators to further enhance its capabilities.