Decathlon Vietnam ESG Management

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Thu Sep 01 2022


ACTE team successfully completed the first phase of an energy monitoring campaign for Decathlon, a well-known French sportswear retailer with stores and offices in Vietnam. The campaign involved the installation of smart meters in each location and the creation of a public dashboard that displayed the data collected by the meters.

Decathlon sought to improve their Environment Sustainable Growth compliance (ESG), increase employee awareness, identify energy anomalies, and achieve a proof of concept for energy sustainability.

Challenges Faced

The main challenge faced by ACTE team was to ensure that the smart meters were installed in all of Decathlon's stores and offices in Vietnam. Another challenge was to develop a public dashboard that was easy to understand, accurate, and performant.


ACTE team provided Decathlon with a comprehensive solution to their energy monitoring needs. The team installed smart meters in all of Decathlon's stores and offices in Vietnam to collect data on energy usage. The data was displayed on a public dashboard that was accessible on a large screen at Decathlon's main office in Ho Chi Minh city. ACTE team also addressed cybersecurity concerns by providing a Secured Dashboard for Decathlon Vietnam.

The installation of smart meters and creation of a public dashboard had many benefits, including:

  • Improved Environment Sustainable Growth compliance (ESG)
  • Increased employee awareness of energy usage
  • Identification of energy anomalies in stores and offices
  • Fast and easy implementation with immediate results
  • Proof of concept for energy sustainability on a larger scale


The energy monitoring campaign implemented by ACTE team proved to be a resounding success. Decathlon was able to achieve their ESG goals and become more aware of energy usage in their offices and stores. The data collected by the smart meters enabled them to identify energy anomalies and implement strategies to optimize energy usage.


In conclusion, the partnership between ACTE team and Decathlon Vietnam resulted in a successful energy monitoring campaign. The installation of smart meters and public dashboard allowed Decathlon to better understand their energy usage and implement sustainable energy practices. The campaign also led to significant energy savings and an increased focus on sustainability among the staff. ACTE team was able to provide an innovative and effective solution to Decathlon's energy monitoring needs, which has led to continued success for the company.